Aurora Networks offers a large number of variously configured versions of NC4000 series Optical Node Platforms to meet the needs of operators around the world for differing channel plans, frequency splits, and output levels, all provisioned in Aurora's standard NH4000 housing.


All these optical nodes may be considered as members of one of the following families of node types:

NC4000SG series nodes for primarily HFC applications

NC4000HG series nodes Fiber Deep applications

NC4000EG series "Essential Features" nodes for Fiber Deep applications

NC4600EG series RFoG-ready platform

Aurora's landmark optical node platforms integrate numerous and continually technical innovations to provide the utmost flexibility and adaptability in an optical node platform, ensuring support for evolving network architectures while protecting investments in the cable plant. NC4000 series nodes, with their high level of scalability and multiple expansion slots that allow easy "scale-to-revenue" deployments, ensure an easy migration from HFC to Fiber Deep to FTTP architectures as requirements evolve.

The technical advantages of these NC4000 series platforms include an extensive offering of plug-in node modules and Aurora's plug-and-play digital return technology. The many benefits of an extensive and user-friendly collection of modules include the fact that all modules are hot-swappable without splicing, operators can add data services capability by plugging in PON or Ethernet transport modules, monitoring is provided with an integrated network management plug-in without the added cost of a third-party status-monitoring transponder, forward paths can be configured for redundant, segmented, or BC/NC operation, and nodes can be populated with the industry's widest range of field optical passives families: couplers, splitters, filters and muxes/demuxes.

More information is available about these plug-in Advanced Service Modules and other Utility Modules.

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